9.15AM - 9.45AM

Please come early to collect your badge and register. Doors will close at 9:45am sharp!

Opening Keynote

Bringing Bain to Pyongyang

9.45AM - 10.45AM

Providing economics and entrepreneurship training in North Korea is no easy task. One gets to live through purges, intrigue and constant parental nagging. Why leave the cushy corporate world, take a 90% pay cut, and put one's life on the line to run Choson Exchange, a non-profit operating in North Korea?

Panel Discussion

Being audacious in MNCs

11.00AM - 12.00PM

Times are changing. As big companies are adapting to changing times, find out how you can identify your own career path and make a unique position your own.

Lunch & Microsoft Tour

12.00PM - 1.15PM

Be a part of conducted small group tours that will guide you through the offices of Microsoft Singapore. You'll have the chance to check-out the new Surface 2, and most importantly, see how Microsoft is turning itself around and rekindling its entrepreneurial spirit.

Audacious Experiments

1.30PM - 2.15PM

Having lived in Europe & Asia, Sital has seen it all. He knows there's more than one way to be successful in your career as a talent management expert. Through hands-on, interactive experiments, he will kick-start our afternoon of turning inspiration into action.

The Audacious Classroom

2.15PM - 3.30PM

Get rid of your fears and understand what is holding you back. Understand the true meaning of being audacious from those who've been on the road less travelled and see what success really looks like.

Closing Keynote

Lenses of possibility

4.00PM - 5.00PM

From teaching in poverty stricken Yogyakarta, to media training for the United Nations, to being an investment banker for Morgan Stanley, Dean Vrachnos still isn't satisfied. With her trusty wide-angle lenses, she went on to document Indonesia's democracy transition and Timor-Leste transition to independence. Is there still anything she hasn't done?

Audacity and beyond

Tell us what you love and hate about Audacity, as we continue on the road less travelled to redefine the definition of career success.

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